Working with Codeberg's CI

Every piece of code should be tested regularly. Ideally developers already implement unit-tests to test the functionality of code sections. Some projects even implement a suite of integration tests, testing whether the code in different parts of the software works as a whole and (still) provides the functionality the software promises to deliver. Running these tests regularly (or continuously) is the job of a Continuous Integration solution. The results of the tests are displayed to the project members and maintainers enabling them to identify problems and react if errors occur.

Using Codeberg's instance of Woodpecker CI

Codeberg currently provides an instance of Woodpecker CI to some projects. The service is currently in the closed testing phase. Meaning the access is currently limited to selected persons.

The of the Codeberg-CI repository contains more details in case you want to apply for access to the Woodpecker CI.

If you are just curious about Woodpecker or already got access to a Woodpecker instance, the Woodpecker project has a great documentation on how to use Woodpecker in your repositories. For now, refer to the Gitea VCS integration section.

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