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How do I contribute to Codeberg Documentation?

To contribute to Codeberg Documentation, the first thing you should do (if you haven't already done it) is to create your own fork of the Codeberg/Documentation repository.

Then, for each major contribution that you want to make (e.g. for each new article), create a new branch, make your contributions and finally make a Pull Request to the Codeberg/Documentation repository. You can find the source code to all articles in the content directory of Codeberg Documentation's source tree.

The Codeberg Documentation collaborators will then review your pull request, they may request some changes and eventually, once all is good, they may merge your contribution into the official repository and deploy it to the live site.

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You're invited to contribute to the Codeberg Documentation at its source code repository, for example, by adding a pull request or joining in on the discussion in the issue tracker.

For an introduction on contributing to Codeberg Documentation, please have a look at the Contributor FAQ.

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