Redirects can be created with a _redirects file with the following format:

# Comment
from  to  [status]
  • Lines starting with # are ignored
  • from - the path to redirect from (Note: repository and branch names are removed from request URLs)
  • to - the path or URL to redirect to
  • status - status code to use when redirecting (default 301)

Status codes

  • 200 - returns content from specified path (no external URLs) without changing the URL (rewrite)
  • 301 - Moved Permanently (Permanent redirect)
  • 302 - Found (Temporary redirect)


Simple redirect

Redirects a specific path.

/example  301
/path /other-path 301

SPA (single-page application) rewrite

Redirects all paths to /index.html for single-page apps.

/*  /index.html 200


Redirects every path under /articles to /posts while keeping the path.

/articles/*  /posts/:splat  302

Example: /articles/2022/10/12/post-1/ -> /posts/2022/10/12/post-1/

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