Improving Codeberg

Thank you for your interest in improving Codeberg!

Every helping hand, every contribution and every donation is warmly welcome.

You can support Codeberg in various ways:

Use Codeberg

We're happy about every free software project actively using Codeberg, because we believe that every free project deserves a free home.

We welcome free software projects that consider moving away from one of the commercial software forges, such as GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket.

By joining and using Codeberg, you're already helping our mission a lot - thank you!

And as always: Spread the word, tell your friends and invite them to collaborate on Codeberg with you :-)

You can donate to Codeberg e.V. using Liberapay or by SEPA wire transfer.

Donations not only allow us to operate and scale the infrastructure behind Codeberg, but to develop the products that make Codeberg possible. Codeberg is not an arbitrary Forgejo instance, but commits itself into actively developing the software ecosystem around.

Codeberg e.V. is the non-profit organization behind

It's based in Berlin, Germany and recognized as tax-exempt by the German authorities.

Join Codeberg e.V.

If you're interested in committing even more to Codeberg, consider joining Codeberg e.V., the non-profit association behind

Contribute to Codeberg

Do you have ideas on improving Codeberg? Have you found a bug and would like to report (or even fix) it? You're welcome to contribute to Codeberg, for example by creating or commenting on an Issue or by writing a pull request to one of Codeberg's projects.

If you are not fond of doing codework, feel free to step up for some maintenance roles like Community Support, Social Media and more. Just drop us an email, or consider Joining Codeberg where you'll get easier access to internal teams and task forces. Also, you can always work on the Codeberg Docs.

Codeberg explicitly welcomes newcomers or career changers to its repos, and we will gladly mentor you as resources permit. If you have questions, always feel free to ask in the Issue Trackers or on the Matrix Channels mentioned on the Contact page. Even tiny patches or suggestions, even if you are not a skilled developer, will be considered and are part of the community-maintenance mission of Codeberg.

You can read more about the code contribution workflow in this article.

Reporting issues

If you experience an issue on some of the projects provided by Codeberg, please report it on Codeberg first so people can check if it's specific to Codeberg. See list of Codeberg projects below, with links to their repositories/issue trackers.

Codeberg projects

An up-to-date list of projects that are maintained under the umbrella of Codeberg (or that are looking for maintainers 😉) is available at

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